About Us

 John & Kat- Summer Concert Series

The Heart and Soul of Deer Creek Vineyards

We approach wine differently. Its starts with who we are, as people, our philosophies about life, our character and our passions.  Our wines will never be a mass marketed wine that is in style these days. That’s just not us. Who we are, like our wine, is about one thing, authenticity.

Deer Creek Vineyards was established in 1988.  The newly reinvented Deer Creek Vineyards wine brand is now the brainchild and work of vintners, John and Katherine Bryan, who started this labor of love in 2010. Their passion for quality and craftsmanship knows no bounds. That’s why they are the growers, creative savants, marketers, hired hand and bottle washer.   You name it. John and Katherine are involved in every last detail.  John and Katherine  are that committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure the Deer Creek Vineyards  bottle on your table is unforgettable, every time.

Deer Creek Vineyards brings you only the most exceptional vineyard designated small lot production wines. Quite simply, we produce Oregon wines in the time honored, handmade manner they were meant to be.  The care and passion devoted to every grape can be tasted in every sip.

Deer Creek Vineyards is not the Willamette Valley, nor are we Napa or Sonoma.  We proudly create wines from the cooler climate and untiring terrain of the Illinois valley of Southern Oregon, with grapes hand selected from our vineyards.  This gives each bottle a distinctive sense of place, capturing the subtle flavors that come alive from each individual hill, row, and vine of Deer Creek Vineyards.

Our Winemakers: Barrel 42 Custom Winecraft

In 2014, Herb Quady and Brian Gruber opened a new custom-crush facility in Medford, Oregon in a converted pear-packing warehouse. Barrel 42 Custom Winecraft is a high-touch producer of super-premium wines. At Barrel 42 the goal is to respect terroir and produce soulful, compelling wines for a limited number of discerning customers.

Herb Quady founded Quady North Winery in 2006 and has been winning awards and accolades since his very first release. Herb was also the head winemaker at Troon from 2004 through 2014. Prior to his tenure at Troon and Quady North, Herb worked at the Quady family winery and Bonny Doon Vineyards, and holds a degree in winemaking from Fresno State University. Herb lives in the Applegate Valley with his wife and two daughters.

Brian Gruber started working with Quady North in 2009 and co-founded Barrel 42 Custom Winecraft with Herb Quady in 2014. Prior to Barrel 42, Brian spent five years at Troon Vineyard, filling numerous roles including vineyard management, winemaking, production, and general management. Brian came to Troon from Capital One, where he had an 11-year career as an executive in the Human Resources, Finance and Information Technology fields. Brian also spent five years in the wine industry in Virginia, creating and managing Walnut Grove Vineyards.