The Story Behind Bella’s Sunshine White Blend

Bella gardening

Bella gardening

Bella’s Sunshine was created in honor of Miss Bella, our granddaughter.

Bella comes out to the vineyard often. We spend a considerable amount of time being outside, gardening, walking and hiking throughout the vineyard with her.  As most four year olds typically do, she asks a lot of questions. “Why” has to be one of her favorite words! Ok, maybe after the word “No”!!

So one day, when we were in the vineyards, exploring, and tasting the grapes on the vines, Bella was asking a barrage of questions.  Questions like, “what makes grapes grow, Nana?” “Well, lots of things, like the sun, water”… “But why, Nana?” “Why are the grapes green, Nana?” You get the idea…

Bella and Papa on the tractor

Bella and Papa on the tractor

To keep her from asking so many questions, primarily “why”,  I told Bella that if she sings to the grapes that it’s magic…and that it helps the grapes grow even more!

Well, it worked!! Bella started singing, you are my sunshine”, one of her favorites, to the vines!

And that is the story behind Bella’s Sunshine White Blend.

Bella still loves to sing songs regularly, kid’s songs and catchy tunes from the radio.  Last summer she was stuck on the country song, “red solo cup” for awhile.  No, we don’t have plans on naming a wine, “red solo cup” in the foreseeable future!

Bella’s Sunshine is a white table blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.  It has a slightly sweet and lovely flavor to it yet not overly sweet like a dessert wine. The wine is a great summer sipper and super popular throughout the summer here at our tasting room and for our concert series.

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