Our Vineyard

 vineyard fall photo (2)

We let our grapes do the talking. Each one says, “Deer Creek of Southern Oregon”.  The one-of-a-kind topography and the gentle ocean breezes of the Deer Creek Valley place a subtle imprint on each grape Deer Creek Vineyards grows. The flavors created are as distinctive as Deer Creek itself; Flavorful, Pure, Unexpected and Complex.

Exceptional wines aren’t made.  They are grown. That’s why we craft our grapes into 3 distinct wines of distinct character. Each one made by hand from individual blocks to express the distinctive story of the land where they were grown.

This terroir style of wine growing is what truly sets Deer Creek Vineyards apart.  Deer Creek Valley is located within the Illinois Valley, a sub-appellation of the Rogue Valley.  This region is considered to be a cool climate region, only 30 miles from the Oregon coast, known for its hot days and cooler nights, giving extreme day to night fluctuations. Which produces higher acidity levels, great brix levels and brighter fruits.

Our goal is to showcase the quality of our grapes and wine making, yet maintain the unique and special terroir of Deer Creek Vineyards. As stewards of the land, it is the foundation of our commitment to produce distinctive ultra-premium wines.

We invite you to raise a glass of Deer Creek’s wine with family and friends, try it for yourself, and let us know what you think.  We’re certain it will speak to you.