Meet our DCV Crew!

It takes a village to do what we do, & do it well.  At Deer Creek Vineyards, we pride ourselves in creating a family work environment & atmosphere.  We truly are a team of individuals that not only care about the land we farm, but one another as well!

Diversity - Team Work - Dedication

Monty – Vineyard Team
John – Vineyard Team
Sal – Vineyard Manager
David – Greenhouse & Cultivation Manager
Kenan Hester – Vigneron / Proprietor 
Audra Hester – Head Gal / Proprietor 

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A New Direction at Deer Creek

Since this property came under our stewardship, we have transitioned to using only organic inputs in our farming, many of which we now make on-site from raw ingredients. We are also working to incorporate regenerative and sustainable practices increasingly into our operation. Our approach to...

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Stewardship versus Ownership

Deer Creek Vineyards has been under new vision and direction since August of 2019, but at the core of our philosophy is the belief that no man can truly own the land. We are stewards for a short time in the grand scheme of history. ...

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